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panies the study in the journal. A recent study in the Amish suggested the variant's ef▓fects could be blunted with hours of p▓hysical activity. The

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lead author of that study, Evadnie Rampersaud of the University of Miami, noted that only 76 Scottish children completed all three meal tests. "W

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hile the results are intriguing, larger studies are needed to fully explore this hypothesis," she said in an e-mail. Palmer, the Scottish research

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er, said there's no practical reason to screen people for the gene variation; there's likely to be many genes that affect obesity. ▓And whether you

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have it or not, he said, t▓he advice would be the same: Eat healthy and exercise. Palmer's DNA was i

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d technology demonstrationl▓ Park between China and other countries in the world,▓ which is becoming the agricultural science and technology platform to show the agriculture in Yunnan Province and even China's a▓griculture in the Southeast Asian countries.Relying on the fact of the opening up to the borderes policy as well as the double advantage▓ of low-cost

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gricultural resources in the neighboring countries, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Southea▓st Asian countries have been working actively in the▓ development of agriculture-oriented international cooperation and exchanges, and have achieved rema▓rkable results and experiences.According to Tao D▓ayun, director of International Coope▓ration Division in Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, in Hanoi, captical city of Vietnam, Baoshan county in Yunnan,▓ Sino-Vietnam Agricultural Science and Technology De▓monstration Park and Vietnam-China Agricultu

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ral Science and Technology Demonstration Park ar▓e under construction; the "Yunnan ---Siem Reap friendly Agricultural Science and Te▓chnolog

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y Demonstration Park" which is located in Siem Reap province of Cambodia is to be completed in October,2009 ; Besides the "northern Laos agric

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ultural science and technology demonstration and promo▓tion center" has been officially started in July, 20▓09."The four parks constructed with the three countries have displayed different crops according to their different climate characters and national demand." Tao said.The Yunnan ---Siem Reap friendly Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstr▓ation Park focuses on the demonstration of hybrid rice, maize, flowers and fruit garden as a par▓t of the tourism industry, wh

be driven more ▓by the need

ile the▓ Vietnam-China Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstr▓ation Park in BaoShan focuses on introducing varieties of tropical fruits in Vietnam to China, such as the mango, grapefruit, guava and other tropical fruit▓s as well as the insect resistant coffee.I▓n today's pressurised environment, feeling unusually t▓ired is an accepted part of life for many people.▓ But I am confident that improving diet can make a big difference. We eat for a variety of reasons, ranging f

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